09. Hormone + Metabolism


Elixalife Hormone + Metabolism is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tea formulated to support the female cycle, when the metabolism is slow fluid builds up and the hormones get stuck in tissues causing imbalance and water weight, it is especially good for when you feel full and heavy at certain times of the month and for lower back pain, dragging sensation, and symptoms of PMS and a painful cycle.

Focus on: feeling empowered and solid, let go of anger, resentment rage, let go of blame.



Feeling full and heavy at certain times of the month, lower back pain and dragging sensation, symptoms of PMS, mood or energy levels going down, painful cycle.

Hero ingredients

  • Dang Gui
  • Mu Dan Pi
  • Shan Yao
  • Lycium Fruit

These TCM medicines are Listed with the TGA and have an Australian list number (AUST L)


One small flat teaspoon of herbs added to a cup of boiled water, stir to dissolve.
Consume 2 teas per day AM and PM (or as required) Best taken warm (with nothing added) on an empty stomach or whilst eating. Avoid taking within an hour of prescription medicines.


Increase in fluid metabolism, mood balancer, decrease in symptoms and support of actual period pain, will move stagnation of the lower back, detox of the liver, energy regulator, lifts the organs up so they work at a higher rate.

Energy or emotional clearing

As you drink your Elixalife tea, you may like to start letting go of the energy or emotion that goes along with the health or life issue you may be experiencing. The energy of unprocessed emotions determines our experience. Reaction and how we defend against what’s going on is being in a peaceful state. When our emotions are all over the place, you never feel like you the loop of victim, anger resentment, reaction rage, escalation, bully, blame will continue to rule your life.

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