01. Stress Anxiety Relief


Elixalife Stress Anxiety Relief is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tea formulated to support increased blood and oxygen to all systems, it keeps the body working and teaches it to function not stop during increased stress. Elixalife Stress Anxiety Relief supports the digestive system so the feelings of overwhelm & anxiety that lead to being over emotional cease.

Focus on: letting go of fear of not being perfect and rejecting external judgement, release anticipation about moving forward without ability.



Stressed out body, feeling exhausted, mind racing, thoughts spinning, inability to be present

Hero ingredients

  • White Peony
  • Mint
  • Chai Hu Fu Ling

These TCM medicines are Listed with the TGA and have an Australian list number (AUST L)


One small flat teaspoon of herbs added to a cup of boiled water, stir to dissolve.
Consume 2 teas per day AM and PM (or as required) Best taken warm (with nothing added) on an empty stomach or whilst eating. Avoid taking within an hour of prescription medicines.


May be of assistance for relief of distress of the liver, moves stagnant energy, settles central nervous system, increases low iron levels, whole body sense of letting go and decrease in overall reaction to any stimulus, calmer mood and not feeling uptight or irritable

Energy or emotional clearing

As you drink your Elixalife tea you may like to start letting go of the energy or emotion that goes along with the health or life issue you may be experiencing. The energy of unprocessed emotions determines our experience.

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Miron Glass Jar, Refill Pouch