YONI OIL for a happy vagina 10ml


Support being present to your sexuality, this oil awakens the bulbs of the vulva and increases circulation to the 8000 nerve endings. Yoni oil activates the complete nervous system of the vulva creating awareness of personal circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the vulva and vagina.


Hero ingredients

100% pure plant medicine, biodynamic, organic, no THC hemp oil.


In accordance with Australian government regulations regarding hemp products and dosage, these products are not to be taken and we are not able to offer medical advice or suggested dosage. For countries with regulations allowing the ingestion of hemp products, the instructions are as follows: 2 sprays on the vulva in the morning. If using for lubrication, 2 sprays at the edge of the vagina.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 35 × 150 mm