04. Sleep Well


Elixalife Sleep Well is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tea formulated to support sound sleep. This formula calms the mind, relieves restlessness and nervousness. It dissipates the anxiousness around sleep so appropriate signals can be followed leading to a restful full sleep.

Focus on: sleeping is trust and faith that you are safe and your world supports you, surrendering into the depth of sleep gives great personal freedom, focus on feeling supported and free.



Insomnia, lack of sound sleep, poor sleep patterns, waking up between 1am and 3am, feeling like you have not had enough sleep, waking up with an overactive mind.

Hero ingredients

  • Spinedate seed
  • Aspheloides
  • Nidium

These TCM medicines are Listed with the TGA and have an Australian list number (AUST L)


One small flat teaspoon of herbs added to a cup of boiled water, stir to dissolve.
Consume 2 teas per day AM and PM (or as required) Best taken warm (with nothing added) on an empty stomach or whilst eating. Avoid taking within an hour of prescription medicines.


Better, deeper fuller night’s sleep, also helps with anxiety about sleep, never drowsy in the morning and it has moistening herbs so eliminates dryness.

Energy or emotional clearing

As you drink your Elixalife tea you may like to start letting go of the energy or emotion that goes along with the health or life issue you may be experiencing. The energy of unprocessed emotions determines our experience.

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