07. Brain Clarity


Elixalife Brain Clarity is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tea formulated to support limitless brain function especially with brain fog, mental fatigue, fuzzy thoughts, mental confusion, cognition and processing. It is great for over working headaches.

Focus on: feeling solid in yourself, back yourself, hold your space and be decisive.



Brain fog, mental fatigue, fuzzy thoughts, mental confusion, cognition and processing, over working headaches

Hero ingredients

  • Tian Ma
  • Motherwort
  • Fleece Flower Stem
  • Eucommias Bark

These TCM medicines are Listed with the TGA and have an Australian list number (AUST L)


One small flat teaspoon of herbs added to a cup of boiled water, stir to dissolve.
Consume 2 teas per day AM and PM (or as required) Best taken warm (with nothing added) on an empty stomach or whilst eating. Avoid taking within an hour of prescription medicines.


Brain energy, clarity of thoughts and cognition, increase of red blood cells and oxygen to the brain, less brain fatigue after long periods of work, faster response via the parasympathetic nervous system, no drop in sugar levels.

Energy or emotional clearing

As you drink your Elixalife tea you may like to start letting go of the energy or emotion that goes along with the health or life issue you may be experiencing. The energy of unprocessed emotions determines our experience. being muddled and exhausted in your mind is a convenient form of control when you can stay in the narrative of “I don’t know” or “I can’t make up my mind” it’s as easy as you don’t have to back yourself so you cop out from holding the self and that its 1000% you being you.

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